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TUNE IN & TUNE UP is a Rhode Island Musicians Health Awareness Program designed to ensure that musicians and industry professionals have up-to-date information to make decisions about health awareness, healthcare, and health insurance. If you are a Rhode Island musician or industry professional (soundman, engineer, roadie, tech crew etc.) OR the spouse of a musician/industry professional, we hope you will become involved in this new program.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get involved with TI&TU?

TI&TU is seeking volunteers to assist with developing and carrying out its programs and activities. Community involvement is an important part of the success of this organization. Visit our Volunteer page here for more information.

Does TI&TU provide health insurance or medical advice?

No. We are not a health insurance plan, nor do we provide medical advise or diagnosis. We are a group of musicians and music professionals who provide health-related resources to Rhode Island’s music community.

What is the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame?

The Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame is a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and preserving the legacy of Rhode Island musicians, educators, and industry professionals who have made significant contributions to the national and Rhode Island music scene.

Visit their website here:

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